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Jessica Holliday

As an artist my work is constantly inspired by the unique light, colours, contrasts and scale of untouched, wilderness landscapes. I am passionate about expressing through my work both the visual and emotional sense of a place, and the impression it leaves on me as an artist and individual.

My body of work focuses on expressing these impressions through exploring the dialogue between the landscape and the soul. I aim to describe through my work not only the sublime beauty of these remote areas, but also the deep connection, rare stillness and sense of infinity they possess.

Paint what you love, love what you paint
~ Tom Roberts ~

What are Pastels?

Pastels are a dry medium made from pure pigment and held together with the least amount of gum binder possible. These are the same pigments used in all fine art paints.

As a result, their colours are magnificently intense and have a high permanence rating, meaning they won’t fade over time. Although pastels are fragile and do require extra care during the painting and framing process, once framed behind glass it is the most permanent of all mediums.

Pastels have a fascinating lineage and are the source of many unique, moving and beautiful works of art. Many notable artists throughout art history (such as Edgar Degas, Mary Cassett and Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec) have used pastels. Their work, some of which is now centuries old, is still as vibrant and fresh as the day it was painted.

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