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catfiSh dreaming

Collie River, Wellington National Park, WA

Oh, languid river, what beauty you reflect.
What lies beneath, what stirs your hidden depths?
Do silent currents flow with deeper purpose, beckoned on to answer ancient call? Is it here, between earth and air, that what once grew above finds algae-coated rest?
Though not all that rests is sleeping, not all that languishes is lazing.
For secretly stowed in your murky undertow is the timeless toil of growth, decay, and rebirth.
- Jessica Holliday
Dimensions: 79.5cm x 139.5cm (109.5cm x 166.5cm Framed)
Medium: Soft pastels on primed archival board
Price: $5,400
Original Available
Limited Edition Prints 1/50
Custom grey Bellini frame (Italian moulded) and archival mat board, behind TruView UV Protection, non-reflective glass.
*All originals are professionally packed and shipped with full insurance.