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Meandering Moment

Warren River, Warren National Park, WA

Through the magnificent karri forest of the South West snakes the Warren River on its gentle meandering journey. The mirror like reflections in its deep pools merge almost seamlessly with the wild forest on its shadowy banks, weaving earth, water, forest, and sky in an everlasting connection. The river travels on till it bends out of sight, silently stealing on through other wild and secret places.

This work was inspired by the endless, interweaving relationship between the different elements of nature and the feelings they evoke. It portrays that infinite journey through a moment frozen in time.

“For men may come and men may go, / But I go on forever.” (Tennyson, Song of the Brook)  
Dimensions: 74cm x 151cm (98.5cm x 175.5cm Framed)
Soft pastels on primed archival board