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Of Ring, Ripple and Torrent | Next


Rocky Pool, Kalamunda National Park, WA

Rocky Pool is a location I have visited many times. But this particular day I experienced something entirely new, for a recent, heavy downpour had brought this normally gentle water course rushing to life. Bewitched, I waded into the river and sat on a rock, allowing the energised, boisterous water to race gleefully all around me. This sudden surge had swollen the pool, causing small streamlets to boldly gush over its rocky banks. This work was inspired by the memory of that moment when I felt a part of the river; part of its rings, ripples, and torrent; a moment when I felt completely absorbed in its untamed momentum.
Dimensions: 119cm x 79cm  (150cm x 110.5cm Framed)
Soft pastels on primed archival board