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etherial shade

Z Bend River Trail, Kalbarri National Park, WA

This remarkable tree on the Z-bend river Trail in Kalbarri National Park is a vision of grandeur linking earth and sky. I am always inspired by the ability of nature to grow and thrive in the harshest conditions. Seemingly growing straight out of the rock, this magnificent tree casts its ethereal shade across the surrounding boulders, a celebration of life springing forth from a heart of stone. Roots embedded deep in the bedrock, its branches murmur love songs to the sun-kissed, cobalt sky.
Dimensions: 79.5cm x 100.5cm (133cm x 111.5cm Framed)
Medium: Soft pastels on primed archival board
Price: $3,300
Original Available
Custom light gold wood frame, archival matt board, behind standard glass. 
*All originals are professionally packed and shipped with full insurance.