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ALA Art Award


Exhibitions | ALA Art Award
ALA Art Prize showcases the work of Australian Artists across a wide variety of mediums. Each year the Art Lovers Australia team create a shortlist of approximately 150 artworks from the artists they represent, to present to the judging panel and public.

ALA 2020 Judges;

Katie Loveday (HOTA)
Elise Bothe (The Block 2019)

Featured Artworks


This location on the bank of the Murray River, Western Australia, is one of my favourite places to sit and watch a river dance and play. The slow, tranquil waters of Lane Poole are inescapably drawn over the edge from their quiet reflection and into the cascades, instantaneously roaring to life in a chaotic crescendo. This painting was inspired by that moment of transition, where tranquillity and turbulence exist harmoniously within the river landscape.