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Collie Art Award

1 March - 5 April, 2020

Colllie Gallery| Collie, WA

Exhibitions | Collie Art Award
An exhibition of diverse works from all across Australia that explores the theme of Identity, the Collie Art Prize 2020 attracted amazing entries of the highest calibre from artists with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Works of finalists will be on display at the Collie Art Gallery from March 1st to April 5th 2020. It is wonderful to see how each artist interprets the theme based on their personal experiences.

Featured Artworks

Catfish Dreaming

Rivers traverse much of our landscape, and are intrinsically woven into our history, culture and identity. For many Australians, rivers can evoke memories of swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping and time spent enjoying the tranquility of nature. Each river carries its own unique identity, whether its flow is perennial or seasonal, whether it has banks thick with trees or dry with sparse vegetation. The uniqueness of a river’s identity helps forge the identities of those who connect to it, and can flood us with nostalgia, dreaming and stories to share. - Jessica Holliday