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Mirage Gallery

Pop Up Exhibition at Hillary's Boat Harbour

11 - 19 May, 2019 | 10am - 5pm Daily

Hillary's Boat Harbour| 50 Railway Rd, Kalamunda, WA

Exhibitions | Mirage Gallery Pop Up Exhibition
Amazing, Beautiful, Awesome, Wonderful, Incredible Australian Landscape Art. Over 30 fabulous artists.

Jessica Holliday has two beautiful, large pastels on show - Mirage Gallery

Featured Artworks

QUIET SANDS (Pilgramunna)

Pilgramunna is a small beach at the mouth of a creek system in Cape Range National Park. This secluded little cove is an alluring place of solace, its gentle waves washing rivulets of water between the countless pebbles scattered along the quiet sand. This work was inspired by the calming atmosphere that permeates this place and saturates deep into the soul.

Sun Soaked Cascade

Sun Soaked Cascade is an exploration of the dramatic contrasts created by a harsh Australian summer sun.  This work was inspired by the way the light moved across a rocky staircase on the Z Bend River Trail in Kalbarri, almost embodying the behaviour of water as it cascaded down the sun-soaked rocks.